CCMS Open Forum

  • 5 December 2023
  • Bologna, Zanhotel Europa
COM&TEC organizes a specific event on Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) in Italy, Bologna, on 5 December 2023.

The CCMS Open Forum 2023 is a specific event aimed to present solutions and tools essential for the development of efficient and effective Technical Communication projects today.
The CCMS Open Forum is an interesting opportunity for hints and suggestions on how to choose and adopt a CCMS but also to compare these tools, integrate them or replace the used ones with more performing solutions available on the market.

The initial part of the Forum includes a general introduction on CCMS and relative benefits.

Then sponsors, producers and/or distributors of CCMS or related solutions present how to modernise and enhance the technical writing processes of customers by showing the advantages and benefits of their products in presentations and demos.

In the second part, sponsors have the opportunity to meet and have one-to-one talks with participants, answer their questions and analyze concrete cases.

At the end of the Forum the organizers with sponsors and participants close the event in a debate and final discussion.

Here below some of the questions we will answer during the Forum:

  • What’s the initial situation?
  • What type of problems to face?
  • How to set up scouting to choose the most suitable product?
  • How to redesign technical writing processes?
  • What metrics to be used to assess process migration?
  • How to involve the team?
  • What advantages and benefits while adopting a CCMS?
  • What competences and skills are required to adopt and use a CCMS?

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The Program


08:30 ÷ 09:00

Opening Works
Opening Works

09:00 ÷ 09:15

Keynote Speech
Keynote Speech

09:15 ÷ 10:00

MadCap Central Suite
MadCap Central Suite

10:00 ÷ 10:45

Dipo Ajose-coker

The Central Suite Includes MadCap Central and MadCap Flare.

MadCap Central is a cloud-based content management platform that streamlines the entire content development workflow. It offers advanced single-source XML content development, project management, collaboration, translation, multi-channel publishing, hosting, and analytics.

Who It’s For:

Organizations looking to simplify content management and development across various teams and departments. Ideal for those who want to eliminate spreadsheets and non-integrated applications.

Best Key Features:

  • Content Development: Advanced single-source XML content development.
  • Project Management: Access and share content across projects, users, and teams.
  • Analytics: Gain actionable insights into customer behavior.


MadCap Flare is a technical writing software designed to maximize content reuse and streamline the creation of technical documentation and learning & development programs. It offers easy content import, advanced content authoring, and multi-channel publishing among other features.

Source: MadCap Flare Overview

Who It’s For:

Technical writers, documentation specialists, and organizations that require robust, scalable documentation solutions.

Best Key Features:

  • Easy Content Import: Supports a wide range of file types and offers an easy drag-and-drop workflow.
  • Advanced Content Authoring: Customizable interface for creating various types of technical documentation.
  • Multi-Channel Publishing: Allows you to publish content in different formats like Web, Print, Desktop, Mobile, and LMS & LRS.

Coffee Break
Coffee Break

10:45 ÷ 11:15

SMC (Smart Media Creator)
SMC (Smart Media Creator)

11:15 ÷ 12:00

Vilma Zamboli – Massimo De Bandi – Michele Pighi

SMC (Smart Media Creator) is a CCMS that allows you to create, manage, translate and publish any type of technical and marketing publication.

It can produce manuals, catalogues/technical sheets, online guides, web and mobile content, e-learning or marketing media.

New interactive features provide users with realistic and impactful experiences.

Next to SMC is James, an intelligent system for distributing all kinds of content to end customers and colleagues in the field. Either as a web portal or as an app, it distributes information faster and in a targeted manner.


12:00 ÷ 12:45

Marco Galiazzo

EKR ORCHESTRA is the all-in-one AI Gen PIM CCMS DMS DAM solution for enhancing your valuable information. This revolutionary platform offers integrated management of corporate knowledge, merging structure and sharing with cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence. With its unified approach, EKR ORCHESTRA enables centralized access (single source of truth) through ASK Portal, the leading-edge portal for shared and structured knowledge (Available Shared Knowledge). It’s the ideal solution for managing both presales (PIM) and after-sales (CCMS) needs.

With EKR ORCHESTRA, you can achieve effective and efficient outcomes, multi version and multi language, in various domains:

  • Presales Static: Creation of catalogs, brochures, price lists, technical bulletins, technical docbooks, and much more.
  • Presales Dynamic: Development of websites, e-commerce platforms, feeding marketplaces, utilizing the internal ASK portal, and interactive chatbots for sales support.
  • After Sales Static: Production of manuals and technical sheets in multiple languages.
  • After Sales Dynamic: Implementation of the internal ASK portal, integration with service and maintenance planning platforms, and connection with e-learning portals.


12:45 ÷ 13:30

Gianni Rimorini

Docutech is the platform developed by NETCOM to support technical communicators in writing documentation.

Docutech allows content to be published in PDF format, in HTML format and, if connected to the GPA ecosystem, allows content to be distributed to its customers.

Docutech allows customization to interact with any company data.

Docutech is developed by technical communicators to meet technical communicators’ needs.

Lunch Break
Lunch Break

13:30÷ 14:30


14:30 ÷ 15:15

Sebastian Göttel

SCHEMA ST4 is a Component Content Management System (CCMS) for the professional creation of technical documentation. It is one of the most popular software solutions of its kind and makes the entire creation process simpler and more efficient, saving costs in many areas.

All the functionalities of our CCMS have been designed focusing on machinery and plants manufacturers, so that they can get maximum value from SCHEMA ST4 (ST4).

The information model and user interface of ST4 have been developed to offer maximum functionality and flexibility, while focusing on what really matters.

The functionality of ST4 is almost unlimited but always accessible. Users simply define:

  • rules for assembling issues to variants
  • rules for generating layouts
  • rules for automating processes

without the need for programming.

Furthermore, through the use of artificial intelligence, ST4’s AI Jetpack offers recommendations on the most suitable metadata for the content.

With ST4 Web Author, you can work on your technical documentation in any location and more easily than ever before, making ST4 flexible and valuable for all users, regardless of their experience.

ST4 can do all this for you and is based on open standards such as XML, iiRDS or VDI 2770.

So, if you are looking for a CCMS, ST4 should be on your list!


15:15 ÷ 16:00

Andrea Citta

Discover the Power of Paligo: The Ultimate End-to-End Authoring Solution.

This is Component Content Management the way it was meant to be. Paligo has reinvented single-sourcing, content reuse, and structured authoring making it both more powerful and more accessible than ever.

Paligo is an enterprise-grade cloud-based Component Content Management System (CCMS) for technical documentation, training content, policies and procedures, eLearning, and efficient knowledge management. Find out what Paligo can do for you and start creating intelligent content.

COM&TEC Anniversary Celebration
COM&TEC Anniversary Celebration

16:00 ÷ 16:45


16:45 ÷ 17:15

One-to-one talks and Closing Works
One-to-one talks and Closing Works

17:15 ÷ 18:30

Participation open to anybody

  • Highlighting the importance of CCMS for the efficiency of technical communication projects
  • Making professionals, companies and interested persons be aware of the benefits of using CCMS
  • Gathering issues
  • Providing evaluations
  • Showing demos
  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • Identifying new opportunities
  • Developing the Technical Communication Network

Professionals and representatives of companies and organizations in several fields: manufacturing, lifescience, medical, health&care, sustainability, services, education and training, software, R&D and any other with any professional involved.

5 December 2023 from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm in Italy, Bologna, at the Zanhotel Europa in via Boldrini, 11.

In person

How to Participate

Participation open to anybody
COM&TEC members benefit from special rates at the best conditions.
For info and contacts:


5 December 2023

8:30am - 6:30pm



Zanhotel Europa
Via Cesare Boldrini, 11 – Bologna
Tel: +39 051 4211348



Join us and evaluate with us the best solution for your business.
Make your projects in Technical Communication be Efficient and Innovative.
Share, compare, discuss, collaborate with us to promote the use of CCMS in Technical Communication and expand your network.

Participation open to anybody

Participation open to anybody