About us

COMtecnica is a global service company in the field of Technical Communication and Documentation.
Established by experts in the field, of Technical Communication and Documentation, COMtecnica, supports COM&TEC the Italian Association for Technical Communication and Documentation, as main supplier, and assists companies, institutions, associations and professionals requiring services for Technical Communication and Intelligent Information.

Comtecnica Services

Practical solutions for the development of businesses and professional growth

Stimulates the activities of COM&TEC members and of the entire sector providing the transfer of specific knowledge that is constantly being updated.
Supports companies and professionals working in the sector of Technical Communication and Documentation in the processes of management and transition to more innovative operating methods.
Provides practical solutions oriented to the development of different businesses and the professional growth of different staff and resources.
Works in an open, neutral and unbiased way to achieve the best goals and benefits.

COMtecnica offers:
  • Education and Training
  • Organization of various initiatives
  • Consultancy services
  • Activities of sharing, measuring, updating and validating skills and know-how

COM&TEC is the Italian Association for Technical Communication. COM&TEC represents a reference point for companies and professionals who design and implement Product Information within the Technical Communication Process. For 20 years, COM&TEC has aimed to gather all the knowledge in the field of technical communication and disseminate it through projects and by providing support to any professional involved in the field of technical communication, documentation and intelligent information.

Collaborate with us

COMtecnica draws on the skills of speakers, trainers and national and international consultants selected according to a variety of needs to guarantee compliance with requirements, trends, innovation, quality and for immediate application of the services provided.